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Our Vision:
To Uplift the Character of Humanity & Build a Pure Land on Earth
Our Spirit:
To Give of Ourselves for the Benefit of All
Our Direction:
To Return to the Original Intention of the Buddha & Work for the Purification of the World
Our Approach:
To Promote Comprehensive Education & Extend Loving Care to All.

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On Weekend in November, getting 8 of us (Kee Yew, Kim Kee, Kim Yon, Hwee Wee, Meida, Poey Ying, Jane & Yinling) together

Preparations for food

1 Setting up fire @ the Pit,
2 Washing & cutting the veggies……
3 Preparing the ingredients


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Piping Hot BBQ includes Mushroom, Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Capsicum, Potatoes, Broccoil Flower……….

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Delicious Hearty Feast

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A Short & Sharing Session on Sesame Sandwishes by Kew Yew

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麻香三文治 Sesame-Basil Sandwich

黑芝麻粉 black sesame powder 3 大汤匙 3 tbsp (heap)
橄榄油(冷压)olive oil (cold pressed) 4 汤匙 4 tbsp
糖浆 agave nectar 1 汤匙 1 tbsp
岩盐 rock salt 1/4 茶匙 1/4 tsp
九层塔叶(新鲜)fresh basil leaves 数片 a few
红番茄(中;切片)ripe tomato (med.; sliced) 1 粒 1
全麦面包 wholemeal bread 4 片 4 pcs

• 依序把芝麻粉、橄榄油、糖浆、岩盐混合搅拌成糊状,涂在面包,夹上番茄和九层塔叶,即可食用。
• Mix in this particular order: sesame powder, olive oil, agave nectar, rock salt; stir into smooth paste and spread onto bread. Sandwich tomatoes and basil leaves in between and serve immediately.
就是:生活伦理, 校园伦理, 自然伦理, 职场伦理和 族群伦理。

Just a FUN day out with comm. riding on Bike FrEEly in the Park

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“The moRe we toGether, togetHer, tOgether. tHe moRe we togEther, the meRRier will be, for yOur FrieNdS, are my frIendS…………… “

The End


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