Learn the path to awaken and transcendence.
Experience the blissful and joyful life in a Buddhist monastery.

1. Event Date : 2nd February (Thu.) 2012 ~ 10th February (Fri.) 2012 (9 days )

2. Event Venue
Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education
14-5 Banling Road, Sanjie Village, Jinshan 208, New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C

3. Application Requirements

*Single male and female with high school education, physically and mentally healthy, preferably with basic knowledge of Buddhism as well as a keen interest in learning and experiencing the Monastic life..
*Since the event is conducted in Chinese, a basic knowledge of spoken Chinese would be advisable. Still, oral interpretation will be provided if needed.
*Age range: 16 – 37 years old ( for male )
16 – 35 years old (for female)
4. Courses
Self Awareness from Perspective of Buddhism, Buddhist Chanting, Morality of Eminent Monks, Fundamental Meditation, Training of Monastic Etiquette, Listening of Bell Ring & Drumming etc.

5. Attendance Fee
Free of charge / gratis, all fees have been sponsored by the public. Donations are most welcomed.

6. Organizer : Dharma Drum Sangha University http://sanghau.ddm.org.tw

7. Application Information
*Date: Registration places are limited, early registration is encouraged .
*Application form & On-line application are available at: http://tinyurl.com/2012awaken

I. E-mail: awakening.ddm@gmail.com
Mobile phone: Male: 886-912-917992 Female: 886-912-253228
Available Time: Weekdays: 5:00 p.m.~7:30 p.m. Weekends: 2:30pm~4:00pm
Fax : (886)-(2)-2498-4864

II. Postal Address:
Committe of Awakening Camp,
Office of Student Affairs,
DDM Sangha University,
Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education,
14-5 Banling Road, Sanjie Village,
Jinshan Dist, 20842, New Taipei City,
Taiwan, R.O.C

III. For latest information, please log on the websites below:
BLOG http://blog.sina.com.tw/awakening
Awakening Camp Website: http://sanghau.ddm.org.tw/awakening/ActiveInfo.aspx
DDM Global Website: http://www.ddm.org.tw
All images, texts and information used during the event are under the copyright of Dharma Drum Mountain Sangha University Buddhist Seminary.

---The above information is taken from http://blog.sina.com.tw/awakening---

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