23rd Mar 2013 saturday night was not bad at all. The movie event was warm and touching and fully packed with content, thanks to the particpation of everyone: particpants and volunteers. first we had a simple dinner cooked by xunmei
pusa. she spent the afternoon preparing the food, frying the ginger, boiling the soup and water for the noodles. Yes, we had noodles and it was delicious. We had our dinner with the movie LORAX showing. We enjoyed it a lot. It was both fun and inspiring.
Followed by, we had a sharing session on the movie's main theme and topic about environment which was started off with Xinyin's introduction, and wenrui pusa's sharing of what he had experienced with regards to the environment. It is not a young or old sharing. Experience sharing is universal. It combines the old and the young. and then it started the ball rolling, we got earnestly engaged in the discussion in between having fruits and drinks.
our discussion goes into the earth hour session where the lights turned off and the candles were brought in. the atmosphere was good with the candles in the lotus glass holder with its petals sending the glow softly touches our hearts.
we shared our experiences on about what we have done our part for the environment we are living in like saving paper means saving trees, being vegetarian means saving the lives of the animals which in turns saves large areas from deforestation used for rearing and feeding cattles. We also shared on incineration plants incinerating tons of rubbish(beds, furniture in good condition etc) we throw away everyday where it was used for land reclaimnation where no life form are able to life in because of its poison emitting.
Understanding where the source of our food comes from and the process it takes to reach our table is not what money can buy. The money that we pay simply couldn't pay the price of all the efforts it takes to come to us.
For example the flour that we are using to bake our bread and cakes. We may spend a dollar or two and simply get a kg of flour.
However the efforts for making the flour and to have that flour to reach its current form is tremendous. First, the rice is grown in the fields with a lot of people soaking their feet in the lands planting each stalk one by one into the soil flooding with water, then wait for the rice to grow with the sun rises and sets day after day, night after night under the vigilances of the farmers. Once it is ripen, the rice is cut and the grains are separated from its stalks. and then the process of separating the outer layer covering the grain before it can be grounded, not to say the different types of flour need different treatments of the grains in order to achieve the quality of the certain type of flour needed to create the type of bread or cake.
Food does not simply appear at the flick of the finger. It saddens the heart to see people ordering food beyond their consumption and throwing away unfinished food where there are millions of people still being food deprived and suffering from hunger.
Zhiren pusa shared with us the video clips on deforestations and the tons of food being thrown away at a supermarket simply because the product has exceeded the expiry date on its package but in actual fact the food is still consumable and good.
Think again, can we re-evaluate the efforts we put in monetary terms? Our efforts are priceless, it is beyond what money can pay. The salary we are earning is for us to sustain the necessary operations of the day that includes food, transport, housing, clothing.
The efforts we put in caring for the environment that we are living in will have great repercussions no matter how small a part we do.
Every little thing counts.
We rounded up our event with thanking our mother Earth for her compassion and her tremendous forgiveness for the uncaring treatment we have been giving her in return in contrary i.e. deforestation, burning the excesses of our unwanted derived from our wants etc.
We Hereby, thanked all our participants for their efforts and their willingness to share and participate in our event. We had a great night together.
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